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Stilted self standing signs

Stilted self standing signs

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Custom made to the word of your choice these stilted signs are perfect for table or shelf decor where you want it to stand on its own. 

The size is based on total length left to right, we recommend no more than 1 letter per 3 inches purchased (ie. 15" sign can ideally accommodate a 5 letter name) 

The sign can be painted in 2 ways, a single colour in both the text and stand, or a different colour for the text and stand to help it blend in to the background. Please specify in the message at checkout if you want the base in white, black or the same as the text. If no preference is provided, the default is black 


Stilt height will depend on the size and letters in the word, standard stilts are 2" tall, words with y,g,j,p,q and any other letters that droop down will require longer stilts 

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